You are probably curious about who I am and how I approach my work . 

I am Italian, and Italy is where I learned to design gardens. I think I couldn’t have been anything else other than a Garden Designer: I belong to the garden. It’s where I took my first steps, planted my first tree, learned to ride a bicycle. It’s where I realized what life was, what a friend was, what love might be.

The garden has always been the backdrop of my entire life, deeply embedded in many of my memories. In the garden I have always felt protected, surrounded by the things I love. A place where I could be myself. Until I realized that I wanted to help other people to feel the same way by designing their garden. That’s why I studied Landscape Architecture and Garden Design in Milan. 
In Milan I soaked beauty, flair, sense of style and a certain bravado typical of the Italian design.  I’ve translated work after work these lessons, always looking to create something special and unique. With time, I came to realize that uniqueness comes from who we are: that’s why, when I design a garden I use my experience and intuition to deeply understand my clients. I listen to them carefully, and help them to conjure what their dream garden looks like.

I never follow trends: being Italian, I have thousands of cultural references that I like to combine and re combine every time to meet the personality of my clients, their needs and desires, and the characteristics of the site I am working on. I like to listen to my clients, involving them during the whole design process: they choose me to create a shared vision of lifestyle, where nature and outdoor entertainment are bound by my Italian flair. My gardens reflect the personality of my clients: that’s why every garden is unique.

What is a Mediterranean Garden?

A Mediterranean garden is designed using strategies and plants for thriving in Mediterranean climate regions like the Mediterranean basin, western China, the dry rain shadowed areas of the Himalayan foothills, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Chile and Peru, South Africa, California and the southern and western regions of Australia. In these areas, the weather mostly consists of dry warmer months and mild, wet colder months.  Coastal Victoria, and the Melbourne region present this weather.

Apart from hot and dry summer and irregular rainfalls, the main traits of the Mediterranean climate are no freezing temperatures during winter and fires occurring during summer as a way of renewing vegetative growth.

Due to the climate change, the frequency, intensity, and impacts of some types of extreme weather events are expected to worsen in the future: among other things, we are likely to witness dryer summers and scarcer rainfalls. 

Mediterranean gardens are about deeply understanding  the characteristics of the site, adopting strategies that would reduce the consumption of water, and using drought tolerant plants that would thrive with little care, aiming to create beautiful, meaningful and sustainable landscapes.

An important part of my gardens is the presence of life: insects, birds and animals are welcomed and encouraged to visit by providing food and shelter through a rich plant palette.   

If you would like to know more about Mediterranean Gardens, you can visit the website of the Mediterranean Garden Society by clicking on the link.   


We offer the following services:

  • Landscape Concept Design
  • Landscape Construction Drawings
  • Tender Documents

We also manage the Construction and the Maintenance  only for the gardens we design.