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I couldn’t have been anything else other than a Garden Designer: I belong to the garden. It’s where I took my first steps, planted my first tree, learned to ride a bicycle. It’s where I realized what life was, what a friend was, what love might be.

The garden has always been the backdrop of my entire life, deeply embedded in many of my memories. In the garden I have always felt protected, surrounded by the things I love. A place where I could be myself. Until I realized that I wanted to help other people to feel the same way by designing their garden. That’s why I studied Landscape Architecture and Garden Design in Milan.

In Milan I soaked beauty, flair, sense of style and a certain bravado typical of the Italian design.  I’ve translated work after work these lessons, always looking to create something special and unique. With time, I came to realize that uniqueness comes from who we are: that’s why, when I design a garden I use my experience and intuition to deeply understand my clients. I listen to them carefully, and help them to conjure what their dream garden looks like.

I never follow trends: being Italian, I have thousands of cultural references that I like to combine and re combine every time to meet the personality of my clients, their needs and desires, and the characteristics of the site I am working on. I like to listen to my clients, involving them during the whole design process: they choose me to create a shared vision of lifestyle, where nature and outdoor entertainment are bound by my Italian flair. My gardens reflect the personality of my clients: that’s why every garden is unique.

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