Forte dei Marmi

The design of this garden, in the fashionable Forte dei Marmi, was done in collaboration with the Italian Garden Designer Niccolo’ Grassi.

Several existing trees dominate the site, including beautiful specimens of Pinus and Quercus . The charming villa of the 1930s had to be refurbished and the client involved us from the early stages of the renovation. The building has been enhanced with measured and elegant solutions, spacious lawns and box hedges enclosing blooms of white roses and hydrangeas. The lines of the garden, geometric near the house, become progressively softer and undefined moving further away.

A generous elliptical lawn is boarded with a low narrow hedge of dwarf Pittosporum that defines the boundary between existing vegetation and the new garden. The subtlety of the composition throughout the garden suits the calm grandeur of the space; a constant graduation between fine texture and coarse, between light and dark green adds depth to the garden.